Grow Above and Beyond with Direct Plant Sensing

Imagine knowing when your crops need water – and just how much water to achieve their optimal yield. At Treetoscope, we have developed just the solution – providing unprecedented accuracy in measuring the real-time actual water use of key crops.

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A Unique Solution

Treetoscope developed the Irrigation Management Platform, a unique solution that places unprecedented knowledge about the real-time actual water use of crops and AI generated insights in the hands of growers to inform optimal irrigation decisions.

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The Challenge of Estimating the Actual Crop Water Use

We understand the unique nature of each tree and the challenges that come with estimating the actual water usage of an entire tree population based on a small sample group. That's why we've developed a comprehensive approach to collecting extensive data from various sources and utilizing AI to provide the most accurate insights possible.

Reliable Weather Forecasts

Our advanced climate models and extensive collection of meteorological data from reputable global sources ensure the most accurate weather forecasts.

Orchard-specific knowledge

We gain a comprehensive view of your orchard block through an extensive collection of current and historical data.


We utilize satellite imagery and an advanced AI algorithm to map every tree in the orchard. By classifying sub-populations based on their unique water requirements, we enable farmers to optimize irrigation, providing customized water distribution for maximum yields and resource efficiency.

The Bottom Line for the Grower

Our ultimate goal is to provide growers with easily comprehensible and intuitive data on the orchard's block average water requirements, which can be seamlessly translated into sensible and effective irrigation recommendations.

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