It Starts and Ends, with Water

We believe that one of the solutions to producing more for a growing population, lies in resource efficiency - and this starts and ends with that most precious and fundamental resource to life on Earth - water. However water scarcity is increasingly impacting many aspects of life on Earth and agriculture is responsible for approximately 70% of global freshwater withdrawals. With the effects of climate change creating ever more uncertainty and variability in climatic conditions, growers are facing increased pressure to manage this increasingly scarce resource more efficiently.

At Treetoscope, we believe the answer, as in many things, lies in knowledge. Our solution provides a rare insight into the actual water needs of key crops so that growers can apply optimal levels of water when needed the most. After all, knowing when your crop needs water, how much water and when, will help growers maximize yield, with less water and so respond to global challenges due to climate change. 

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It is no secret that we are currently in a global climate crisis, leading to severe shortages of water and food. As the agricultural sector accounts for 70% of global water consumption, managing water resources in agriculture is critical. For instance, just one percent of global agriculture water use is equivalent to the annual consumption of the entire African population. Today, we are monitoring and analyzing every step and process in our lives with smart IoT solutions to optimize performance, increase yields, and save resources, time, and money. The penetration of precise irrigation technologies in agriculture is less than 2 percent due to three major barriers:

The 3 main barriers preventing farmers from using precision irrigation

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Traditional cost constraints prevent growers from introducing new technologies to their farms because significant resources are required for initial setup, logistics, and continuous maintenance.

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Farmers cannot invest in irrigation insight platforms because they are either too small for platform requirements or too large, and installation on a large scale requires excessive resources.

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There is no available commercial technology that enables growers to monitor and optimize the most critical and precious resource – the water consumed by plants in the agricultural sector – with an intuitive platform and actionable insights.

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