About us

Established in 2020, Treetoscope is an innovative start-up in precision irrigation management that developed breakthrough technology for direct plant monitoring. The company, based in Israel, offers its innovative services to farmers around the world, helping them reduce production costs, increase yields, and optimize their water resources. We are headquartered in the historic building of Mikveh Israel – the first agriculture school in Israel dating back to the 19th century and a center of progressive agriculture education and innovation. Our ‘global-local’ commitment guides us in our various partnerships around the world, providing solutions at farm-level, partnering with our customers and growing our businesses together.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way all growers approach irrigation by providing them with cutting-edge technology that delivers real-time, accurate insights into their crops' water requirements. Technology such as this which has a real chance to improve water use efficiency, should be available to all growers and operations, regardless of size, complexity and region. Through the integration of our innovative direct plant-based sensing technology with other relevant data, we are able to provide all growers with the tools they need to optimize their irrigation decisions and maximize their yields.

Our vision

Our vision is to empower all growers with the tools they need to produce more with less. At Treetoscope, we have the tools and the technology to contribute to global efforts to sustainably manage water resources in agriculture and urban environments.