We are a global team of motivated and dedicated individuals and independent agriculture consultants inspired by the opportunity to help growers address the challenges of water scarcity and improve the sustainability of agricultural production. Our combined team boasts a broad array of skills and backgrounds, from agronomy and plant sciences, to IoT and cloud technology experts, to sales and business development.

Dotan Eshet ceo and co founder
Dotan Eshet
CEO and Co-Founder

15 years experience in senior management within the food - tech industry. Dotan brings vast experience in product development and managing multiple production sites and operations, as well as leading M&A processes.In addition, he has extensive experience in business development and sales, mainly vis-à-vis multinational food production players.

Ori Ahiman cto and co founder
Ori Ahiman
CTO and Co-Founder

CTO and Co-FounderIn his previous role, Ori was the founder and CTO of Orion. Agritech, a consulting company advising tech companies and research institutions across the agritech sector on IOT and sensing solutions. Ori is a PhD candidate from HUJI in plants physiology.

Gil Honigsman vp biz and marketing
Gil Honigsman
VP Biz Dev and Marketing
Eshel Nitzan vp operation
Eshel Nitzan
VP Operations
Amnon Eshet chairman
Amnon Eshet
Yair Bar Joseph vp r&d
Yair Bar-Joseph
Ami Friedman head of engineering
Ami Friedman
Head of Engineering
Eilon Levi head of prodact
Eilon Levi
Head of Product
Guy Herzl chief agronomist
Guy Herzl
Chief Agronomist
Iris Rejwan
Oren Nitzan sw team lead
Oren Nitzan
SW Team Lead
Keren Halevy data analyst
Keren Halevy
Data Analyst
Alex Barski data analyst
Alex Barski
Data Analyst
Tom Groenveld r&d manager us
Tom Groenveld
R&D Manager, US
Melissa Stedlmayer us general manager
Melissa Steidlmayer
US General Manager
Asaf Mazuba
Customer Success & Support
Alberto Ojembarrena spain biz dev
Alberto Ojembarrena 
Business Manager Spain & Portugal
Sivan Kedem Heyman office manager
Sivan Kedem Heyman
Sam Peckinpah us field technician
Sam Peckinpah
US field technician
Carson Tibbitts us field technician
Carson Tibbitts
US field technician
Luis Sanchez spain field technician
Luis Sanchez
Spain Field
Benny Mor field technician. manager
Benny Mor
Field technician Manager
Lev Medved il field technician
Lev Medved
IL field technician
Sharon Bello
Front-End Developer